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Concierge Services


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A Bridge For Independence separates itself from other Concierge Services by providing an additional array of services, such as In Home Care, Home Watch Services and Pet Sitting.  You may ask why a company would be so vast in the type of services they offer and why wouldn’t a company focus on one business line.  The answer is hidden behind the years of experience of the Owner/Operator of the company.  Kimberly Stanford is originally from the Midwest and spent years traveling for work, going to college full-time, raising children and pets; as well as traveling to Sarasota, Florida and other locations on vacation.  Like her previous and current lifestyle, the clients’ of A Bridge For Independence attend social events, maintain busy schedules, belong to various Memberships/Associations, enjoy time with their friends and relatives, and love to travel.  Moreover, A Bridge For Independence has clients’ who live in Florida on a Seasonal Basis, also known as “Snow Birds”.  Therefore, the answer to the question is…Live Life to The Fullest, after all…

Our Motto: "Every Day Is A Gift. Live Every Day Like It Is Your Last."

To assist others, we have "put together" suggested Package Plans. Our rate for Concierge Services is $35.00 per hour. We have a 2 hour minimum per visit. The visit may include more than one item. For example, a visit may consist of driving "the" car to obtain an oil change, having the car washed and detailed, going to the grocery store and purchasing items from a list; then unpacking the groceries upon return. Lastly, you may have a final request of placing beautiful flowers in a fabulous Vase that you have chosen.

Or…you may utilize our services by securing transportation for yourself and/or others to the Airport upon departure from “Sunny Florida”; and/or picking you up at the airport upon arrival to Florida.  You may even decide to “come home” to a refrigerator stocked with food, your A/C set to your preference, all bed sheets clean and fresh towels out for your comfort.

It is our mission that our "Bridge" of Concierge Services will enhance our clients' level of Independence, Choice and Freedom.

Those and many more services are available. All you have to do is ask!

Please Click Here to view a few suggestions which provide you the "time and freedom" that You Deserve! Contract Rates and Terms Will Be Disclosed.